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Re: [desktop] first Debian Desktop Package uploaded

On 23 Oct 2002, Colin Walters wrote:

> For what it's worth, the first Debian Desktop package (desktop-base)
Sorry, I can't find it in the pool.  Perhaps we have to wait until
it is moved from incoming.

> just hit incoming a few hours ago.  It contains backgrounds and .desktop
> files which should be common across desktops.
> So the project actually exists now :)

> Right now there are just two desktop links, one to the Debian home page,
> and another to security.debian.org.  Suggestions for more stuff to put
> on the desktop are welcome.
May I lead your interest on my posting at this mailing list


There was a suggestions but I got no answer.  May be it was overseen.

> Yes, I agree, we should let the respective desktop environment
> maintainers decide which programs are the best default.
I really like this idea because it is great support for the other
Debian internal projects.

Kind regards


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