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[desktop] first Debian Desktop Package uploaded

On Wed, 2002-10-23 at 20:42, Luke Seubert wrote:

> Hmm, well, perhaps they shouldn't be unified to the extreme of Redhat
> Bluecurve.  But some unification is in order I think.  How about a Debian
> theme common to KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment, etc. with themes, wallpapaer, and
> - dare I say it? - the Debian Swirl logo right where the "Start" button is
> on the task bar? 

For what it's worth, the first Debian Desktop package (desktop-base)
just hit incoming a few hours ago.  It contains backgrounds and .desktop
files which should be common across desktops.

So the project actually exists now :)

Chris Cheney has agreed to add support for it to the KDE packages.  I am
working on a patch for Nautilus now.

Right now there are just two desktop links, one to the Debian home page,
and another to security.debian.org.  Suggestions for more stuff to put
on the desktop are welcome.

> Largely agreed.  Very similar menus across all the GUIs.  And descriptive
> labels rather than program names.  "Burn CDs" would appear in all menus in
> the same place under the same sub-menu.  But under Gnome it would pull up
> gtoaster, under KDE - KonCD, and maybe under non-QT, non-GTK GUIs, pull up
> xcdroast.  Those are just examples by the way, not definitive best-of-breed
> choices.

Yes, I agree, we should let the respective desktop environment
maintainers decide which programs are the best default.  

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