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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Oct 22, Joey Hess wrote:
> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > Transitioning to .desktop will alleviate some of this, but GNOME2's
> > default menu organizer can't cope with hundreds of installed menu
> > entries very gracefully
> That's pathetic. Even twm (-- twm!!) can deal with the debian menu
> system. So can the first C program I ever wrote (pdmenu).

Well, the issue is really more that GNOME2 doesn't think you're going
to put 1000 .desktop files in /usr/share/applications, so it makes no
effort to make a deep hierarchy.  (The flip side is that its code
isn't complex enough to collapse a deep hierarchy when the
GNOME-typical 120-or-so .desktop files are there, so they default to a
shallow hierarchy.)

You can bolt Debian menus onto the side... but frankly I'd just drop
their menus (and KDE's) and use our own by default.  (At least this
would be equal-opportunity anti-desktop action on our part ;-)

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