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Re: [desktop] ximian-setup-tools vs webmin

On Oct 22, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> It would nice if there were some method whereby if you download a package
> you also get the corresponding webmin module.  Actually ther is such a
> method, it's called Depends but having e.g. postfix depend on
> webmin-postfix would suck for people who don't want the extra baggage.
> Too bad there is no such thing as conditional dependencies.

Package: webmin-postfix
Enhances: postfix | postfix-tls

Package: webmin-reportbug
Enhances: reportbug (>> 1.99.0)

Of course, then you have to deal with the "chicken-and-egg" debate
about whether we should have Enhances fields in control files before
dselect/aptitude/whatever supports it or not.  (Of course, testing
whether dselect handles Enhances correctly once it implements it would
probably be easier when there are actual instances of Enhances in
/var/lib/dpkg/available, but that's probably just me being silly ;-)

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