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Re: [desktop] ximian-setup-tools vs webmin

On 22 Oct 2002, Colin Walters wrote:

> Well, as is always the case in Debian, we have choices.  Unless one of
> ximian-setup-tools or webmin becomes overwhelmingly better than the
> other by the time sarge nears release,

Incidently, how do you define better?  I.e. what do you think is missing
in webmin.

I think the only major omission right now is a webmin module for exim.  I
can't write it because I don't use exim myself but I could help someone
willing to take the job on.  Other than that it covers a wide range of
software.  I've packaged around 50 modules now from the official
distribution and there are many more third party ones listed at

A long time ago I started writing a webmin interface to debconf,
alternatives, and other Debian things.  I could pick that up again.

> we can just include both.
> Perhaps if the user chooses a GNOME environment they'll get x-s-t by
> default, if they choose KDE they'll get webmin by default.

If there is a GNOME capplet that embeds an HTML widget, it should be easy
to display webmin modules in the GNOME control center.  There is a project
called webconfig (http://users.skynet.be/top/webconfig/) which does
something similiar for the KDE control center.

> The most important point is that one or both of these *will* be
> installed and configured by default either in sarge, or a separate
> "Debian Desktop" version of sarge (although the latter should be avoided
> unless absolutely necessary).

It would nice if there were some method whereby if you download a package
you also get the corresponding webmin module.  Actually ther is such a
method, it's called Depends but having e.g. postfix depend on
webmin-postfix would suck for people who don't want the extra baggage.
Too bad there is no such thing as conditional dependencies.

To address another issue raised in this thread.  The HTML webmin outputs
is not XHTML.  However libXML/libXSLT support XSL transforms of HTML 4.0
too iirc.  In any case webmin has its' own theme system.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>
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