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[desktop] ximian-setup-tools vs webmin

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 17:10, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:

>  As the mantainer, I'll try ximian-setup-tools (gnome-setup-tools). 
>  It's being ported to GNOME2, and developers are using Debian. 
>  Any help we could provide them will boos the development a lot. And
>  also, backends could be used to make some frontend for KDE. GST people
>  would also like to see that, but we don't know any Spanish KDE
>  developer to whine about.

Ok, that sounds pretty interesting. I just tried them, and they do look
pretty nice (albeit they got upset at me because I'm not running woody
or potato).  I like especially how they prompt you for the root

Well, as is always the case in Debian, we have choices.  Unless one of
ximian-setup-tools or webmin becomes overwhelmingly better than the
other by the time sarge nears release, we can just include both. 
Perhaps if the user chooses a GNOME environment they'll get x-s-t by
default, if they choose KDE they'll get webmin by default.

The most important point is that one or both of these *will* be
installed and configured by default either in sarge, or a separate
"Debian Desktop" version of sarge (although the latter should be avoided
unless absolutely necessary).

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