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Re: [desktop] ximian-setup-tools vs webmin

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 09:48, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> Incidently, how do you define better?  

Let's just say that at this point I'm not going to try :)  I really want
the Debian Desktop group to be more focused on fixing the real usability
bugs in Debian, rather than debating which of several alternatives is
better.  The latter is of course unavoidable, but I'd like to have a
positive perspective on things.

> I think the only major omission right now is a webmin module for exim. 

Now personally, and this is a mostly unrelated topic, but I think we
should switch to Postfix as the default MTA for sarge, unless someone
sits down and debconfiscates exim.  

> A long time ago I started writing a webmin interface to debconf,
> alternatives, and other Debian things.  I could pick that up again.

That could be very useful, I think.

> If there is a GNOME capplet that embeds an HTML widget, 

Yep, that's easy to do with GtkHTML2.

> it should be easy
> to display webmin modules in the GNOME control center.  There is a project
> called webconfig (http://users.skynet.be/top/webconfig/) which does
> something similiar for the KDE control center.

True enough.  However, I don't see that as a big deal either way; I
think we should at least at first keep the "System Management" tools
separate from the user-level "Desktop Preferences" tools.  So at least
the GNOME 2 menu would look like:

  Accessories -> calculator, etc
  Desktop Prefereces -> font, theme, mouse speed....
  System Management -> Web Server, Mail Server...
And the entries under System Management, if we used webmin, would just
launch galeon to localhost or whatever.

> It would nice if there were some method whereby if you download a package
> you also get the corresponding webmin module.  Actually ther is such a
> method, it's called Depends but having e.g. postfix depend on
> webmin-postfix would suck for people who don't want the extra baggage.
> Too bad there is no such thing as conditional dependencies.

I agree.  I really wish there was some good technical way we could solve
this problem.  For example, some packages like xchat are split into
"-gtk" and "-gnome" versions.  If a user installs "xchat", and they have
the GNOME libraries installed, we want xchat-gnome to be selected;
otherwise they'll get a binary with redundant code, and it won't be
integrated with their desktop.

> To address another issue raised in this thread.  The HTML webmin outputs
> is not XHTML. 

That, as far as I see it, is not a showstopper.  If we need to fix it,
that's something that we could probably do fairly easily (relative to
other problems).

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