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Re: Make Debian better (Re: Two Debian 3.0 reviews at Slashdot)

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On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 09:07:48AM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:

>  - broken home/end keys in bash in xterm (even in Woody)

You'll have to persuade the upstream bash/libreadline cabal that
actually supporting DEC VT100 and later terminal emulation is a
worthwhile thing to do, instead of half-assing their way through it.

>  - missing apt localisation extensions (who t.f. told we that we are going to
>    release in the next few weeks, again and again for almost 6 months?!)

It's a western Canadian conspiracy to have the whole world talking
English, eh?

>  - centralised "setup" tool which would reconfigure etherconf, pppoeconf, and
>    do sth. as gx-debconf does, but be more understandable.

Like the configlet-capplet frontend (cf. configlet-frontends)?

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