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Re: debian-devel-games

On Sunday 20 October 2002 10:24, Jason Stechschulte wrote:
> It was mentioned that there already was a mailing list
> debian-devel-games, but apparantely it has been removed:
> http://lists.debian.org/stats/

I recently tried to subscribe to it, but it was already removed at that time.
Too bad.

> I'm curious as to what aspects of debian and games this list covered.  I
> think the one envisioned on debian-user was a place for debian users to
> help with the development of new games for debian.  The focus was on the
> programming, but it could also be used to meet graphics and sound people
> for the games too.  Is this what debian-devel-games was or was it more
> for the packaging of already created games?

There wasn't much discussion, mostly some bits about Quake or something.
In game-related lists user feedback should always be appreciated, otherwise 
it's getting quiet soon (just speaking from my not so humble kde-games-devel 

> Was the list removed because of lack of interest, because it didn't
> really fit or something else entirely?

The spam/content ratio was... high enough to justify removal I guess.

> Would a list discussing the development of new games such as the one
> discussed on debian-user be appropriate for Debian or should it really
> be a more general list and not a part of Debian?

There are more and more games entering Debian, and there are quite a few 
things to discuss (Policy mandating /var/games, highscores, menu structure, 
consistant way of keeping archive size low as well as providing additional 
content packages), so I'd subscribe at least.

Collaboration with upstream authors being another important point here, 
especially since there are going to be some cross-project dependencies :)


Free operating systems. Free software. Free games.

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