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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 12:05:57AM +0200, Peter Palfrader scribbled:
> > I'm using gabber personally, since it was the only client claiming to
> > support GPG encryption that actually supported it (with one glitch that it
> > doesn't work with gpg > 1.0.6, because it uses an ugly hack to communicate
> > with the gpg "server").
> It's not an 'ugly hack', it's GPG's shared memory coprocessing feature.
I know what it is and I still think it's an ugly hack. There's gpgme which
is quite a bit more elegant solution.

> Unfortunatly it was ifdef'ed out of 1.0.7-1 but elmo put it back into
> 1.0.7-2. 1.2.0-* might work too, but I didn't test that.
I didn't know that it's back, thanks, will try (still thinking it's an ugly
hack, though :>)


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