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Re: debian.org Jabber server?

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:18:55AM +1000, Daniel Stone scribbled:
> > > already exists, the post is just talking about the ability to use
> > > @debian.org addresses with Jabber.
> > Besides jabber isn't just another IM - it can use all those
> > protocols/services mentioned above. More, if one uses, say, GAIM, they can
> > use it to talk to a jabber server. So, one could argue, adding jabber is
> > (possibly) having one IM _less_ :)
> Exactly. Ditto Kopete. :)
> There are a whole heap of Jabber clients, and most of them (not Kopete
> yet, tho) support agents and transports.
I'm using gabber personally, since it was the only client claiming to
support GPG encryption that actually supported it (with one glitch that it
doesn't work with gpg > 1.0.6, because it uses an ugly hack to communicate
with the gpg "server"). Anyhow, whatever the client might be it might really
be a good thing to have our @debian.org identity be reachable through
jabber. And the argument about "waste of time" someone mentioned in this
thread doesn't hold, IMHO, as one wastes as much time as they want and it 
doesn't matter whether they use IRC, MSN, AIM, jabber or their mobile phone - 
it's theirs to decide...


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