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Re: dpkg-buildpackage problem


try changing
> ./configure (lots of stuff here) --datadir=/etc/X11
> ./configure (lots of stuff here) --datadir=${prefix}/etc/X11

the rules file calls configure to create all the Makefiles (and do other 
stuff...).  with the --XXXdir options you can set to which directories the 
XXXdir variables should be set. these settings will be hardcoded in the 
generated Makefiles. if you then call the Makefile, you have yet another 
chance to override these variables. this is what you do with 'make ... 
$(MAKE) install prefix=...' section. well, this affects all XXXdir variables 
that contain a ${prefix} variable.
so the only problem is, that datadir is not sensible for prefix, but it 

do you use automake/autoconf?
if yes, you maybe shouldn't use datadir, but sysconfdir, (look into 
info:automake). but in this case you should add --sysconfdir=${prefix}/etc to 
the call to ./configure.

hope this helps


Am Freitag 11 Oktober 2002 00:39 schrieb Jay Graves:
> > It's possible that the Makefile doesn't support DESTDIR, or that you're
> > not using it right.
> > debian/rules should have something like this:
> > make install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp
> well my debian rules looks like this
> ./configure (lots of stuff here) --datadir=/etc/X11
> and the install block has this line
> $(MAKE) install prefix=$(CURDIR)/deban/packageName/usr
> everything installs into debian/packageName fine if I don't specify
> the --datadir in the configure, but once I do it tries to install files
> to /etc/X11
> I tried also adding the your DESTDIR, but that didn't seem to produce
> any results.
> Thanks

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