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Re: Regarding BitKeeper and its price list

Le mar 08/10/2002 à 09:37, Joseph Carter a écrit :

> I don't think it's at all inappropriate.  What I do think is inappropriate
> is that Debian characteristically DOES NOTHING when these kinds of events
> present themselves.  What exactly does this project stand for anyway?  If
> I believe the propaganda, Debian stands for software freedom and the
> freedom to choose which software is most appropriate for your needs.

While I agree on the fact that involving the project in such actions is
not inappropriate, I don't think Debian "does nothing" about those
Debian makes good free software, and it is the best we can do. More and
more companies and state administrations depend on Debian (or other free
software solutions), and those users are our best protection against
things like Palladium/DRM/etc., as they won't accept not to be able to
run FS anymore.

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