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Re: Bug#152621: x-window-manager should provide an x-session-manager alternatives entry

Spamming me is not the correct method to get your way.

1) You know I read debian-devel;
2) You know I receive mail sent to bug numbers that are assigned to me;

therefore you deliberately sent me three copies of one mail.

You are in violation of the mailing list code of conduct.


On Sat, Oct 05, 2002 at 03:17:15PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> reopen 152621
> thanks

I won't mention the further irony involved with your headers.

> That's not the point. You just told everyone to kick alternatives
> mechanism away and hack the config files manually. I proposed a simple
> solution that would cost you ONE LINE in postinst and ONE LINE in
> postrm.

You don't even know what an X session manager *is*.


It's a tool that implements the Session Management extension.

# apt-get install xspecs gv
$ gv /usr/share/doc/xspecs/SMlib.ps.gz

/etc/X11/Xsession does not satisfy this definition in any way.

> You are the maintainer. You can make it better, I showed you how and
> explained the pros of this simple solution.

These are offset by the "con" that it's wrong.

> You are ignoring wishes of users.

So are the sysadmins who use update-alternatives to make vim the default
editor when some of their users prefer GNU Emacs.

That something is a system-wide default does not mean it is an
appropriate choice for all the users of that system.  That's why God
gave us $HOME, and ways to override these defaults.

> I have just seen a user complaining about EXACTLY THIS fact on the
> debian-users-german mailing list.

I suggest you tell him/her to:

1) talk to his/her sysadmin about changing the default; or
2) write a $HOME/.Xsession that does what he/she wants

> > > Look, the only thing I wish does not cost you much. Only install and
> > > remove calls for the alternatives entry in postinst/postrm.
> > 
> > It's not my packages' job to register other packages' alternatives.
> So? Who is responsible then?

The maintainer of the package that should be registering the

> YOUR package are the first installed when X make its way on the system
> and YOU are in the best position to fix the mess.

There is no mess, just your willful refusal to understand what a session
manager is -- and what it is not.

> And last but not least, we can consider the final scripts of Xsession
> (see you own A and B above ;) as a x-session-manager and then it is
> your beer.

And here, you are being ignorant or stupid.

# apt-get install xspecs gv
$ gv /usr/share/doc/xspecs/SMlib.ps.gz

The GNOME and KDE environments provide session management services.
xfce might, as well.  xsm sort of does, but it is incomplete (which is
why it's not registered as an x-session-manager alternative).

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