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Re: openssl package with cpu optimized libraries released

At 02 Oct 2002 21:31:37 +0200,
Christoph Martin wrote:
> Am Mit, 2002-10-02 um 20.28 schrieb Florian Weimer:
> > Christoph Martin <martin@uni-mainz.de> writes:
> > 
> > > There are currently no optimized libraries for i686 (Pentium III etc.)
> > > becaus of a bug in glibc (See
> > 
> > On a Pentium III (Coppermine), the i586 binaries run slightly faster
> > anyway. :-/

Is it gcc optimization issue or openssl?

> The problem is that libraries in the /usr/lib/i686 directory will be
> used on all i386 plattforms not only on i686 because of this bug. So I
> have to leave the i686 directory empty for now. But that means that i686
> will use the unoptimized libraries in /usr/lib.

It's already fixed in upstream.
I plan to release glibc 2.2.5-15 for sid to resolve this problem
very soon.

-- gotom

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