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openssl package with cpu optimized libraries released

Hi folks,

the unstable archive contains since some days a new version (0.9.6g-6)
of the openssl package which includes optimized libraries for some cpu
variants. The package uses the ability of the shared library loader to
include special directories depending on the cpu architecture. For
example on a Pentium MMX the /usr/lib/i586 directory will be searched
first for libraries. In this directory is a library which is optimized
with the flags -march=i586 -mcpu=i586 and also uses the handcrafted
assembler routines. 

Optimisation is availlable at the moment for i486, i585, sparc-v9,
alpha-ev4 and ev5. For Details see README.optimizations.

You can see the speedgain by running: openssl speed rsa1024
For i586 it is about a factor of two.

There are currently no optimized libraries for i686 (Pentium III etc.)
becaus of a bug in glibc (See
A library in /usr/lib/i686 would be loaded on all i386 architectures.
Therefore i686 has to use i386 libraries at the moment.


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