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Re: what to put in Maintainer fields [was Re: Accepted po-debconf 0.2.2 (all source)]

> This can be interpreted as putting the name whatever way you like it, as
> long as it's followed by the email address which is in RFC 822 format and
> inside <>s. Personally I don't see any reason to prevent commas, as we
> obviously don't need them to separate multiple addresses.

If this is truly the case, Policy should be clarified.  Then Policy
should be changed.

> What we could do, on the other hand, is standardize on the name format,
> which would allow us to scrap a bunch of exceptions from the script that
> generates www.d.o/devel/people.
> Determining acceptable charsets would be good, too. This goes for the LDAP
> database entries as well -- most are in Latin 1, but a few are in Unicode,
> and a bunch of them are ASCII transcriptions too.

Those sound like good ideas.

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