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Re: Seeking help to resolve a lintian request

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 12:57:36AM +0200, Simon Richter wrote:
>  - libltdl's lt_dlopen() function can open .la files and use the
>    filename found in there. This isn't necessary on Debian systems,
>    since all architectures currently supported use .so as the extension
>    for shared libraries, but this might change in the future (Debian
>    GNU/Win32, anyone?).

Why wouldn't we make .so a recognized shared library extension on a new
port? Or make libltdl recognize .dll instead?

>  - libtool's own versioning system uses these files to find out whether
>    the library being linked to is ABI compatible to the program.

Yay for yet another versioning system :<

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