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Re: wanting to package wpoison

Martin Wheeler <msw@startext.demon.co.uk> writes:

> On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, [iso-8859-15] Rémi Letot wrote:
>> > The wishes of the author are clearly that he wishes to receive
>> > adulation beyond his station, and makes unreasonable demands of
>> > others.  His comments in this thread make me want to avoid his
>> > software religiously (which is worthy of congratulations - he and
>> > djb can enjoy each other in that category).
>> Yep, he seems quite disturbed on the ego side of things. At least djb
>> has reasons to be ego twisted.
> It is this knee-jerk arrogant attitude on the part of smug self-righteous
> debian developers that theirs is the only One True Way that brings the whole
> Debian Project into disrepute; 

First I'm not a DD, second even if I were (and I'll apply) I wouldn't
ever speak for the project.

> makes genuinely liberal minds uncomfortable; 

Have you read the thread ? You really found this man liberal ? He just
tried to change his license so that his so much beloved software can't
be included in debian. He is not only twisted, but he also doesn't
understand anything about free software, even if he claims his
software is free.

> and makes me despair of it.  (It is also what makes people lash back
> at it verbally.  You shouldn't be surprised.)
> I really *don't* want my name to be associated with a bunch of fascist
> conformance enforcers as displayed by this posting.

Huh ? Are you ok ? Fascist ? My post ? Anyway the only association
people can find between you and my post is that you answered it. 

> The author of this piece of software has made his wishes clear; and they
> should be respected.

Yeah, he has a license, which seems to allow his soft to be included
in non-free. If he wants to change his license for future releases,
that's his right. Anyway after seeing how he reacts, I don't think his
software has any chance to make it even in non-free.

> You may not agree with them; they may not fit what you want; so look
> elsewhere.

Done. Alternatives have been pointed out thanks to his reactions.

> But whatever you do, DO NOT see fit to attempt to pass ill-conceived judgment
> on the author from your own fixed, inflexible viewpoint -- he has as much
> right to his opinions and attitudes as you to yours, however different they
> may be.

You are right, I also have rights to my opinions. So what's the point
of your post ?

> By sneering and jeering, you only show the poverty of your own fixed mental
> attitudes, and the narrowness of your mindset.

Man, I really feel concerned now, are you all right ?

> A bon entendeur, salut.

Pas d'prob, 

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