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Re: wanting to package wpoison

>>"Martin" == Martin Wheeler <msw@startext.demon.co.uk> writes:

 Martin> It is this knee-jerk arrogant attitude on the part of smug
 Martin> self-righteous debian developers that theirs is the only One
 Martin> True Way that brings the whole Debian Project into disrepute;
 Martin> makes genuinely liberal minds uncomfortable; and makes me
 Martin> despair of it.  (It is also what makes people lash back at it
 Martin> verbally.  You shouldn't be surprised.)

	I see. People who voice an opinion you do not share are smug,
 self righteous, narrow minded, non liberal folks who are unable to
 see other view points. 

	How are you any different?

 Martin> But whatever you do, DO NOT see fit to attempt to pass
 Martin> ill-conceived judgment on the author from your own fixed,
 Martin> inflexible viewpoint -- he has as much right to his opinions
 Martin> and attitudes as you to yours, however different they may be.

	Of course, you yourself are above any such rules that other
 people must conform to.

 Martin> By sneering and jeering, you only show the poverty of your
 Martin> own fixed mental attitudes, and the narrowness of your
 Martin> mindset.

	And calling people smug, self righteous, narrow minded, bigots
 for voicing opinions displays what about your mindset, pray?

 mildly amused. The irony, the irony
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