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Re: Should we customize apps for a common "debian-look"?

Jérôme Marant wrote:
On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 03:43:32PM +0200, Erich Schubert wrote:

I don't have a real opinion, but i do thing that looks begin to matter
for linux apps and desktops...

  I agree with you. I think that the default Distribution theme really
  matters; RH and MDK have very nice default desktop themes but Debian
  doesn't have any. I know that they hired graphic artists.
  AFAIK, we don't have any. I'm sure we could find volonteers.

Why the need of distribution theme? Every other major distribution having its own look, Debian can differentiate itself by sticking with the upstream look :>. KDE3.1 look nice out of the box (and GNOME2 probably too, haven't seen that).

Enough rambling, i have some real proposal for the situation, though (:

We can provide debian wallpaper/logo/icon etc. (it is already done AFAIK). Probably packages like kde-gnome-theme and gnome-kde-theme providing look of gnome to kde and vice versa is good idea. Also, gnome-debian-theme and kde-debian-theme are good idea, if there is someone with skill and time to create them.

Packaging gnome icons for use with kde (and the other way around, too), should be times easier than creating new set from the ground up. Remaking color schemes should be quite easy, too. The widget styles are the hard part... This could use some help from KDE and GNOME developers, but i'm not very optimistic about that.

These can be part of respective kde/gnome metapackages. The metapackage can then provide debconf question about default look (eg. for KDE: KDE native look&feel, GNOME look&feel, Debian look&feel (if someone created such a package)). You can even make the Debian entry default ;).

As of the menu, there is already infrastructure in place. With the ongoing menu system rewrite, this will get even better. The KDE and GNOME packagers can back up the default menu somewhere (to make it available for ones who like it better) and make debian menu default. The debconf question is the way to go here, too.

OTOH the user should be in charge of menu layout... The second possible solution (i can think of), is to make menu system capable of building KDE-like menu structure, GNOME-like one, etc. I don't know if this is possible with Debian menu package, but if not, it is worth consideration IMHO.

Please, please, please, do not change the default without asking user first. Debian users tend to know what they want.

  My 2 cents.


my .02 euro :)


Yenar Calentaure
    mail: yenar(at)host.sk
homepage: http://yenar.host.sk
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