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Should we customize apps for a common "debian-look"?

Redhat seems to be going to use a common look for their desktops (GNOME
as well as KDE) in their new beta featuring a new icon set.
Check out the screenshots at 
I like them and i think they are impressive...
It's one of the things Apple proved: desktop and apps that look smooth
do make their users feel comfortable with them ;)

Apart from the question if KDE and GNOME2 should be made to look
similar (KDE developers were pretty angry at RedHats step), should we
try to make a "Debian" look default?  (Provided that someone does Debian
This look doesn't need to be shared from GNOME2 to KDE (although i don't
see the reason not to do so...) but it could make Debian become some
"Brand" that looks like quality, too ;)

Actually one of the reasons some people didn't like Gnome 1.4 was the
default configuration... This "Distribution Theme" could also take a look
at default configurations...

The other way would be to leave this to upstream... GNOME2 is already
pushing on having a standard GNOME2-look (which i like very much)
and just distribute Defaults as-is from upstream...

(although it should be easily possible to have a separate
debian-common-look package or something like that...)

Maybe someone could give a good reason to do so or not to do so...
It could be as simple things as using the debian color as default for
highlights instead of the usual default-blue for highlights many themes

I don't have a real opinion, but i do thing that looks begin to matter
for linux apps and desktops...


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