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[ANNOUNCE] Debian Developer Packages Overview

Hi all,

I have enhanced the ddpo  (http://people.debian.org/~igenibel/index.php)
following all the request you made me (especially Yann Dirson).
Now you, developers, can track  all  the  informations  about  all  your
packages such as:
- the pts related page about packages (Thanks a lot to Raphaël Hertzog);
- the section;
- the priority;
- the number of opened bugs (All, RC, ...);
- the different package  versions  for  each  branch  (stable,  testing,
  unstable, experimental);
- the different binary package pages;
- the archs where packages are not installable on each branch;
- the pool;
- the broken dependencies for each branch (stable, testing, unstable).

These are all the informations about package.
You can also have some informations about about you, developer:
- the gpg key;
- a link for all bugs related to you;
- a link for all RC bugs related to you;
- a link for all bugs you submited;
- a link for your lintian reports;
- a link for your buildd reports.

You can access this «tools» different ways.
By maintainer e-mail address:
By gpg id:
By source package name:

I waiting for you comments, advices, insults or other things.

Igor Genibel 
http://www.answare.fr/				igor.genibel@answare.fr
http://www.tuxfamily.org/			     igor@tuxfamily.net
http://people.debian.org/~igenibel		    igenibel@debian.org
GPG: 1024D/9D735B4F: 4F61 8D8F 05AC 8D2C 5F92  9B99 C44B 0266 9D73 5B4F

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