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Re: [ANNOUNCE] Debian Developer Packages Overview

Igor Genibel wrote:
> I have enhanced the ddpo  (http://people.debian.org/~igenibel/index.php)
> following all the request you made me (especially Yann Dirson).

This is very nice. A few comments:

- It seems to think that analog 2:5.23-0woody1 is a NMU.
- On a 1280 pixel wide display, I can only see half of a line of the
  table at a time. Anything you can do to make it narrower would be
  useful. It might also be goo to duplicate the source name column half
  way accross the table or something, to make it easier to tell which
  package is which when looking at the right hand side of the graph.
  Similarly, it wouldn't hurt to repeat the column headings a few times
  since there are so many of them, and on my screen they go off the page
  when I get 17 packages down the list.

see shy jo

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