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On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Luca Barbieri wrote:
> This is an another problem that would be easily and compatibly solved by
> my ELF extension (until the library gets properly fixed upstream).

Yes and no. Versioned symbols are here NOW and can be used NOW, and they fix
the issue cleanly without drawbacks:  they are as painful as a
do-it-only-once global soname increase (which is quite painful though).

It has the potential of encoding C++ ABI (or any other identifiers we need)
information as well, should that be desired.  -Bsymbolic (your modified
version of it) cannot fix that.

> concept that symbol names must be *globally* unique, not just unique to
> filename and that they either put the version number in the symbol (e.g.
> sasl1_explode vs. sasl2_explode) and use #define's to keep source
> compatibility or they use GNU/Solaris versioned symbols.

Yes.  We really should simply have *all* libraries using versioned symbols.
The version symbol "tag" could always be at least the library soname (i.e.
the ABI number, and library name).

Is there a reason for not doing the above? It's not like it would be
difficult to do (although it means a mass-recompile, but it certainly needs
not to be done all in one day...).  We could just try to set a standard that
linux-based OSes *distributions* always versions its symbols with the ABI
soname, and that's it...

That won't fix the breakage caused by C++ compilers, unfortunately. The C++
ABI number would have to be added to the library versioning tag, too.   It
can be done without changes to the linkers, by the makefiles [we just need a
way to query the compiling environment which stuff we should prefix/suffix
the symbol versioning with]. 

It's cleaner to just have another ELF field with the compiler ABI, and have
gcc and other C++ compilers for linux add that automatically...

> We should also alert upstream of this kind of problems _before_ new
> versions get released and binary compatibility makes them untouchable.

ABIs are not really upstream's responsability... unless it is a Linux-only
package, when upstream *might* take care of it, if they want to.

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