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Re: Bug#155689: libgtk2.0-png3: -png3 should Provides: libgtk2.0-0

>>>>> On 09 Aug 2002 16:03:34 -0400,
>>>>> "JD" == Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> wrote:

JD> How do you suggest to do this? GTK linked to libpng2 and GTK linked to
JD> libpng3 have the same filename, which is why they Conflict.

JD> The short of it is, by introducing this new package you break binary
JD> compatibility with Woody, and force users to make a choice: their GTK
JD> programs, or Sarge's - you can't have both without working around our
JD> debs, and that is fundamentally broken behaviour for a distribution to
JD> have.

Hey, libgtk2.0-0png3 isn't really broken the binary
compatibility. for example, metacity actually works without
rebuild. it was just changing the dependency and to avoid
that the programs links both of libpng2 and libpng3 at the
same time.

If we can't provide the GTK+2.0 which is built against
libpng2 without conflicts, we have a way only which is
waiting a new thing.

BTW how much are there such a commercial program?

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