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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 6 2002)

On Aug 09, Denis Barbier wrote:
> as .desktop files must be in UTF-8 encoding, why do you specify that
> "localestring" entries must be UTF-8 encoded?

Completeness and redundancy :-)

> Also I would like an extra tag, say X-Debian-LozalizedFields, which should
> contain the exact list of translatable entries when either
>   a) a "localestring" entry must not be translated
>   b) or another entry has to be translated

Why?  Every field that is localestring is fair game for translation;
however, it's up to logic to decide whether translating particular
entries should be done or not.  (e.g. "Mozilla" probably should not be
translated, but "Web Browser" should be.)

In some cases, transliteration may be appropriate even if translation
is not; for example, I'm sure Mozilla can be transliterated into
Cyrillic and one of the Japanese alphabets (katakana?  I never learned
the names of them), but I'm not sure it needs *translation* per se.
But that should be left to the judgment of translators IMO.

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