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Re: Next Debconf (Was: trustworthy, seasoned developer, and Swedish)

* Martin Schulze 

| Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > * Andreas Tille 
| > 
| > |  It would be nice id we find a decision soon.  If you ask me
| > |    Debconf 3 in Europe   and
| > |    Debconf 4 in America
| > 
| > What about .au and Asia?
| Folks, could you please stop all those "what about" bullshit and start
| to actually *work* on a debconf wherever you would like it to happen?
| "What about" does not buy us anything, instead it just feed the trolls
| that are around everywhere.

It was meant as a question if they wanted to take it up -- I think it
is polite to offer them the possibility and not grab the rug from
underneath their feet.

| Those who are intersted in running a DebConf (especially the people
| who run it before) should also think about implementing tools to
| maintain such a conference.  For the Debian Party I've written a
| little bit that will maintain the registration for ur.  It should
| be extended and ported to help debconf and run on a debian.org host
| as well.

Sounds great.  Have you got an URL for this?  A quick google search
didn't turn anything up.

| > either around July 1st or about July 20th should be fine, then?
| I don't know the date for the next LinuxTag yet (don't believe any
| you can currently see), but it'll take place in summer 2003.

The summer is long. :)  It has been in June earlier, so until I hear
something else, I'll assume that it'll still be in June.

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