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Re: Next Debconf (Was: trustworthy, seasoned developer, and Swedish)

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Andreas Tille 
> |  It would be nice id we find a decision soon.  If you ask me
> |    Debconf 3 in Europe   and
> |    Debconf 4 in America
> What about .au and Asia?

Folks, could you please stop all those "what about" bullshit and start
to actually *work* on a debconf wherever you would like it to happen?
"What about" does not buy us anything, instead it just feed the trolls
that are around everywhere.

Those who are intersted in running a DebConf (especially the people
who run it before) should also think about implementing tools to
maintain such a conference.  For the Debian Party I've written a
little bit that will maintain the registration for ur.  It should
be extended and ported to help debconf and run on a debian.org host
as well.

> | would be a better plan but it depends from the people who do the
> | real work.  Hint:  It would be great if the date would not conflict with
> | LSM (http://lsm.abul.org) and LinuxTag (http://www.linuxtag.org/).
> either around July 1st or about July 20th should be fine, then?

I don't know the date for the next LinuxTag yet (don't believe any
you can currently see), but it'll take place in summer 2003.



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