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Re: Dock Apps packaging

Le dim 04/08/2002 à 17:30, Jérôme Marant a écrit :

> There has already been such a discussion about GNOME applets
> that Christian Marillat wanted to package.
> I recalled that everyone agreed that neither having one package per
> applet nor all applets in one package was a solution.

With what have already been said, I must agree with this statement, also
for the case of dockapps.

> The accepted solution was to run a popularity contest about them
> and to package the most popular ones.

Well, what about using such a popularity contest with dockapps,
including then a dockapp selection in Debian ?
The problem still is finding one, as Dock App Warehouse
(www.bensinclair.com/dockapp/) doesn't have any kind of sorting, and
dockapps.org, which tries to use a freshmeat-like popularity notation,
is too young. Maybe we could ask Dock App Warehouse for their top 20/50
downloads - they are not public.

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