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Re: Bug#155376: what is default editor in /bin

Osamu Aoki wrote:

> I think few things needs to happen.
>  * nano-tiny needs to be "Required" 
>    - nano-tiny must be at least "Important".  
>    - nano can be "Optional"
>    - possibly move nano-tiny from "editor" to "base" section as in "ae"
>  * nano-tiny-utf8 should not conflict with nano-tiny
>   - compiled command name needs to be changed to "nano-tiny-utf8"
>   - set up alternatives system (see next)
>  * reasonably easy name must be a command for "default editor"
>   - how about "e"  ("ed", "edit" and "editor" are already used name)
>   - set up alternatives for "e " between nano-tiny and nano-tiny-utf8
>   - this alternatives shall allow future change in default editor

I've always used "e" as an alias for emacs (which I certainly don't
suggest moving to /bin!), so I'd rather not have the system take over
that name for something of Standard or higher priority.

Is there any reason that nvi could not be moved to /bin and made
eligible for "root default editor" status? The nvi package Depends only
on libc6 and libncurses5, both of which live in /lib. Sure, nvi's binary
is nearly ten times the size of nano-tiny, but if I can still mount my
root partition, I'd rather use nvi than nano.


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