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RE: Dock Apps packaging

> Also, users who like dockapps are likely to install many of them. So I'm
> thinking of packaging one or a few bundles of dockapps from
> dockapps.org. This would be valuable without bloating anything.
> What do you fellow developers think of this way of packaging ?

Debian packages have a history of being fine grained.  You can install exactly
what you want.  yes we make the decision that choice has a value.

I currently run two dock apps -- wmmixer (I used to package it) and wmx10. 
Most people I know who use them run 2 or 3.  Having 10, 20, more installed for
those 2 is plain silly.

The whole point of Debian is that something we use we package.  I find that a
good measure of a piece of software's worth, usefulness, and popularity is
whether it has been packaged yet.  I would rather see 5 well maintained
packages than 500 bad ones.  In fact many of the old guard would raise this
argument against the current state of Debian.  This would only make things

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