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RE: Dock Apps packaging

Le dim 04/08/2002 à 09:59, Sean 'Shaleh' Perry a écrit :

> I currently run two dock apps -- wmmixer (I used to package it) and wmx10. 
> Most people I know who use them run 2 or 3.  Having 10, 20, more installed for
> those 2 is plain silly.

This is your situation. But many of our users will first try 10 or more
dockapps and then keep those they like, without removing the others from
their system. Also, being finely grained is a good thing, but packages
in the 50-200 KB range are maybe a bit too finely grained, especially if
there are many of them.

Would you like to see every applet for the Gnome panel packaged
separately ? This would mean splitting gnome-applets into 31 packages.
And it is a 5 MB (compressed !) package. I am talking about packages of
~1 MB size, not such monsters.

> The whole point of Debian is that something we use we package.  I find that a
> good measure of a piece of software's worth, usefulness, and popularity is
> whether it has been packaged yet.  I would rather see 5 well maintained
> packages than 500 bad ones.  In fact many of the old guard would raise this
> argument against the current state of Debian.  This would only make things
> worse.

Many of these dockapps are small, trivially built software, and as such
they launch trolls about "useless crap" when someone posts an ITP about
them (remember when someone wanted to package washerdryer ?). Then,
users don't complain about having to build them themselves, as it is
easy. This doesn't mean all these dockapps don't worth being packaged...

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