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Re: Get rid of /etc/mtab ?

Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

> Obvious solution: Don't do this!

Somehow some people want devfs but not on /dev. Can't see why.

> Next solution: have some /proc/sys setting that can be changed
> by root to reflect the naming system that should be used.

Why? The kernel should know better. CONFIG_DEVFS_BOOT or something
while compiling or boot params.
> This could be configured inside /etc/sysctl.conf for instance.
> Or devfsd could automatically set it up on startup, depending
> on if it detects devfs or not.

devfsd? Now theres a crazy idea. Lets use this marvelous new clean
devfs and clutter it with all those old links again and I'm filing
bugs (normaly with patch) for everything I use that doesn't.

You know, one can work fine without it.


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