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Re: interfaces, mapping, etc

Joey Hess wrote:
> The whole mappings thing is a bit well, undocumented. Would it make sense to
> have a centralized program to return the current scheme for scheme-based setups
> like this one? I'm thinking of something equivilant to cardctl scheme.
> It would be really easy to write, I imagine; just something to cat a value
> to and from someplace in /var.

In amoungst all the rambling in this message, I think this one bit is worth
thinking about. Such a program -- call it ifscheme -- would need to be a
tad more complicated than I made out since it should down and up
interfaces which are mapped using it when the scheme changes. Which
means keeping a list of interfaces that were upped using it, I suppose,
or iterating over the interfaces file and checking each mapped
interface. Would you take such a program in ifupdown?

see shy jo

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