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Re: interfaces, mapping, etc

Anthony Towns wrote:
> In that case you should also have something like:
> 	wifi-style old
> or
> 	wifi-style new

Hmm, one could do that, but what if you just want the pcmcia card you
put in to work, picking the right syle automatically? What I did is made
sure I use the same field names and values as the "old" stuff and detect
in my script what kind of card it is. Once wireless-tools gets updated
with a simple patch that sould work great.

> Exactly. The above is all supported btw. It's not documented yet because
> I've been busy on other things -- actually it might be documented in
> either the BTS or in the NMUed ifupdown in unstable. I think it'd be nice
> to start getting as much of Debian's network stuff using this as possible.

In particular, the pcmcia stuff. Is it possible to do that yet w/o
patching the pcmcia scripts, and if not, is that patch something tha
could sanely go into pcmcia?

> Similarly it ought to be straightforward to have scripts that update your
> resolv.conf, or proxy settings or so forth based on the existance of parameters
> like:
> 		add-dns
> 		proxy-hosts proxy.example.com:80 proxy2.example.com:8080

Yup yup.

see shy jo

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