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Sysklogd "freezing" machine when remote server croaks.

I've filed a bug against #22673, but wanted to know if anyone else has run
into problems with sysklogd freezing a machine if a remote syslog server
goes down.  Just had to spend a few hours tracking that down, because for
the first time in a year I had to restart syslogd, for the potato to woody

Wasn't fun, especially in a 57F degree server room, since remote logins
weren't working.  Well, for that matter, neither was local.  Couldn't
use su, couldn't do anything that had to log to syslog.  Had to smack
the reset button on a bunch of machines, after restarting the syslog
server.  Even ctrl-alt-del got stuck after a few steps.

Would syslog-ng fix this problem?

I bet if I had a dot matrix plugged into a machine, when it ran out of
paper it'd freeze the machine :D

Actually, someone did file a bug about scroll lock on /dev/tty8 freezing
his machine when logging to there.


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