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Re: Quotes

* Nick Phillips 

| Now that Woody's released, I'd like to ask anybody who sees anyone saying
| nice things about Debian to either mail me a quote (with attribution), or
| a URL at which I can find the aforementioned "good things".
| I'm going to try to collect a decent number of them for use in blowing our
| own trumpet when & wherever that may be desirable (think exhibitions,
| websites, etc.).
| So, the more upmarket the source the better, but any source will do so long
| as it's saying good things and is "quoteable".

``In a world of NDA-bound business agreements, Debian is an open
book. In a world of mission statements, Debian has a social
contract. At a time when commercial distributors are striving to see
how much proprietary software they can pack into a box of Linux,
Debian remains the bastion of software freedom--living proof that you
can have a fully functional and usable operating system without
needing any proprietary code.''--Evan Leibovitch, ZDNet

quoted on http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=6000

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