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Re: Quotes

also sprach Alexander Schmehl <alex@a-schmehl.de> [2002.07.23.0102 +0200]:
> >   Debian rocks!  - martin f. krafft
> Don't forget the nice T-Shirt saying:
> "debian/rules"	anonymous

Which I'm wearing right now, and have been since the release (with
daily washs, of course. you sick person, to think otherwise). But
"Debian rocks" is preferred, at least by the author of this message...
This is not the place for witty and quite appropriate language plays
à la debian/rules. ;^>

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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"and the sea isn't green
 and i love the queen
 and what exactly is a dream?
 and what exactly is a joke?"
                                                        -- syd barrett

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