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Re: gnupg-doc of standard priority?

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 07:44:31PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> And for comparison, we have doc-linux-text marked as standard, with an
> installed size of 8.5MB and a download size of 7.8MB, which is far more
> of a nuisance than 2MB of disk and a 600kB download. We mightn't be all
> that user friendly to someone doing a first install, but we do try to
> include documentation with the software we install.

I don't like that one being standard either. IMHO, it's far easier to
read on the web, and more up to date. If someone wants to do a
documentation task, great--but making all this documentation standard

> What's your actual problem with this package that you're so upset
> about it?

Standard is too big, and requires too much stuff to be uninstalled after
an install. Simple problem, and simple fix.

Mike Stone

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