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Re: Wireless network

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 22:23, Ryan M. Golbeck wrote:
> > - Corrollary: we needed official, sanctioned Internet access in the
> > housing area.  Less that the organizers could do about this, but still...
> Having Internet access in the housing area I can see as being useful,
> though.  That would have been nice (for those that had laptops,
> anyway).  Although I enjoyed the non conference social time very much
> as well as I spent time with the other conference goers.

With Internet access you can download/look at the source code, webpages
etc, that the speaker is talking about and get a better understanding of
the talk.

> > - Housing in general was less than satisfactory.  I realize this is a
> > dorm, and the price was right (particularly after multiplying by 2/3),
> > but I found the conditions to be bordering on squalid.
> I don't know if it's because I've seen other student residences but I
> thought the rooms were very nice.  But maybe my expectations were not
> that high.

I wasn't in the housing much except before the conference started...

My only complaint with Internet access though was that I couldn't get my
cheap newly purchased D-Link wireless PCMCIA network card to work
reliably, it kept dropping lots of packets and filled the screen with
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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