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Re: Linux Fonts

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 12:13, Erich Schubert wrote:
> > > If you want your font to be "freely sellable", you probably should use a
> > > BSD Style licence, as the GPL enforces that it can be distributed free of
> > > charge.
> > 
> > Copies of GPLd works are "freely sellable".  Please re-read the GPL.
> "Freely sellable" in the sense of making a complete commercial product
> of it is not possible, like Apple did for Mac OS X, is it?
> So you are NOT sold the intellectual property rights of the font.

If you are the owner of all the code in the software or have permission
from the authors of all the code in the software (or in this case, all
the splines in the font), you can in fact relicense it under any other
license for proprietary use, regardless of the "public" license you give
it. So he could have a GPLd version and a version he sells to companies
to embed in proprietary products.

If he wants to, he can even sign over *all* the copyright privileges of
the font to someone else, which would prevent him from releasing more
GPLd versions of the font, although the old GPLd versions would still be
available, and the new copyright holder couldn't curtail their
distribution efforts.
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