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Re: Linux Fonts

Linux indeed needs more high quality fonts, so your work will be much

> 1. What sort of liscense should I release it under?  I
> would like it to be freely changeable, distributable,
> sellable, ect. with the condition that a small text
> file accompanies the distribution. Could this fall
> under the GPL?  As the typeface is truetype, there is
> no "source code" beyond the font file itself.

Well, think of the ttf file as source code.
And when you render the font to the screen / whatever, that is like
executing the program... All Shell scripts etc. aren't available in
other form than the source file either.
And after all a ttf font is a program to be executed by a truetype
renderer. So there is not much difference between fonts and programs

Source just means that you can modify it directly - the only interesting
part is that you are allowed to modify it and that you can use it on all
architectures - which is ok with ttf.
If you want your font to be "freely sellable", you probably should use a
BSD Style licence, as the GPL enforces that it can be distributed free
of charge. Of course people still can sell the Media they distribute a
GPL'ed software, and sell the work they did in collecting the GPL'ed

> 2. I am sort of new to the Linux community so I am not
> really sure who I should let know when my font is
> ready, so that it could possible be included in
> various distros?

You could for example send the font to themes sites such as themes.org
(now freshmeat.net), and send an email to mailing lists such as this.
For debian it is recommended to file a "RFP" bug (Request-for-Package)
so your wish to have the font packaged is tracked in bugtracking.
(and other developers can check if already some developer is working on
packaging the font)

You could also submit it to the XFree Team (xfree86.org), you then
probably will have to licence it using their licence, but it then could
be included by default in a new version of the Xfree windowing system.
That way probably all distributions would include your font soon ;)


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