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Re: Linux Fonts

> > If you want your font to be "freely sellable", you probably should use a
> > BSD Style licence, as the GPL enforces that it can be distributed free of
> > charge.
> Copies of GPLd works are "freely sellable".  Please re-read the GPL.

"Freely sellable" in the sense of making a complete commercial product
of it is not possible, like Apple did for Mac OS X, is it?

So you are NOT sold the intellectual property rights of the font.
The licence to use them can of course be sold, if you are willing to pay
for something you can get for free as well. ;)

(especially you are not allowed to relicence the fonts, which is a main
aspect of intellectual property rights, and a subject many font
designers seem to care about.)

That was what i meant with "freely sellable".


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