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Re: Why does modules.conf go in /etc, anyway?

>>"Anthony" == Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

	I should have waited to read the rest of the thread before
 firing of my comments. 

 Anthony> Your worst case scenario is then something like this:

 Anthony> 	/etc mounted read-only
 Anthony> 	modular network card
 Anthony> 	roaming network configured by DHCP (ie, different
 Anthony> 	   /etc/resolv.confs) 
 Anthony> 	/var mounted remotely (you only roam within your building, say)
 Anthony> with /etc/managed-configs.conf containing:

 Anthony> 	BOOTTIME_MANAGED_CONFIGS=/etc/managed
 Anthony> 	PRENET_MANAGED_CONFIGS=/etc/managed
 Anthony> 	PRENET_VARIABLE_DATA=/fungible

	I like the rest of this mail a lot. We can even default
 PRENET_VARIABLE_DATA to be /etc/managed/var, or something, so we are
 not creating non FHS dirs by default on every Debian machine; and
 that can be changed by people who mount / readonly, and have packages
 that modify configuration files at run time.

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