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Re: Why does modules.conf go in /etc, anyway?

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 08:22, Anthony Towns wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 07:15:36PM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> > On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> > > The file is not intended to be edited. It is generated from
> > > other files. It really doesn't belong in /etc.
> > > Why not put it in /var, where it belongs?
> >
> > Because /var may not be mounted early enough during system boot.
> We could always ask a debconf question about it...
> (Seriously, we could. "Is /var mounted locally?" with a low priority,
> and a default answer based on grep'ing /etc/fstab, followed by a question
> about an alternative location that needs to be looked at by packages
> that run early. Something like:

What if /var is moved onto a seperate partition once the installation is 
running? The machine would no longer boot, or boot with many errors and it 
would not be immediately obvious what had caused it.

It seems sane to leave the files in /etc where they're certainly going to be 
on the root partition, rather than creating more symlink mess.


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