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Re: Bug#150551: ITP: wmcoincoin -- Stupid dockapp for browsing DaCode sites news and board

On Fri, 2002-06-21 at 18:30, Joseph Carter wrote:

> And this has what exactly to do with wmcoincoin though?

Absolutely nothing. However, it does have something to do with the
larger discussion of what to do about bloated packages files.

> The
> thing is someone's idea of a joke, and while I'm sure users of that
> website think it's rather amusing, the rest of the world doesn't see the
> humour.

There is plenty of precedent for this...

apt-cache show vigor
apt-cache show asr-manpages
apt-cache show funny-manpages
apt-cache show libhtml-munger-perl
apt-cache show filters
apt-cache show kodo
apt-cache show xodo
apt-cache show gcpegg

I'm sure there are many more; that was just a quick recolection and a
apt-cache search or two. 

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