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Re: Bug#150551: ITP: wmcoincoin -- Stupid dockapp for browsing DaCode sites news and board

Le jeu 20/06/2002 à 18:38, Romain FRANCOISE a écrit :

> I'll second that. As the description says, it's just a stupid dockapp
> and the user base doesn't exceed 30 people, I think. Packaging this is
> a waste of time.

Stop trolling. There are hundreds of packages in the archive that have
less users than that, but nobody cares. I guess it is because they are
"serious" applications.

But having stupid features and being developed by people having a great
sense of humor doesn't make wmcoincoin not serious. It has lots of
interesting features, to the point where DaCode and wmcoincoin can bring
most of the functionality of an IRC server and client, all over the HTTP
protocol, without being a bandwidth hog nor a server killer. With the
increasing number of people having only access to a HTTP proxy, it can
get a much wider audience. And it has already much more than 30 users.

I think the point of Debian is to bring a high quality distribution,
bringing alone all software you could want to run. I thought it was now
clear that we don't only need "serious" software but also games,
time-wasting applets, and funny dockapps, because people don't only use
a computer for working.

And I don't think the size of the Packages file is a good excuse. If the
Packages.gz system cannot scale a large package number, it has to be
adapted to this matter. Discussions on how to achieve this have begun on
this list, and the problem will have to be solved sooner or later. 

As I already said, I don't know if packaging wmcoincoin is a bad or a
good idea. But you can't let it out just because it is "stupid".
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