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Re: Little things make the initial install experience painful

Branden Robinson wrote:
> I read debconf-devel(8), specifically:
>    Config file handling
> I thought we weren't supposed to "use debconf as a registry"?  Some
> people will get mighty pissed if you use debconf as a registry and stomp
> on their config file.  The config file is supposed to trump the debconf
> database, not the other way around.  Your example is completely
> unconditional.  The postinst just whaps the config file without so much
> as a by-your-leave.

Only after the config script reads it in. And the "whapping" deals with
typical changes to the example style of config file; including commenting
out lines and deleting lines.

> As you may have heard, 4.2.0 packages are currently in experimental
> pre-release.  Now is a perfect time to offer me feedback on how you'd
> like to see XFree86's usage of debconf change.  Hint, hint.

Basically: Write a lossless parser; feed in to debconf; ask questions;
write a lossless modifier; make changes.

see shy jo

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