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Re: Little things make the initial install experience painful

Steve Greenland wrote:
template, you should just ship the default. (Note that the choice is

Or ask if you want this file to be managed by debconf, if not, install a default config and have a mechanism much like conffiles to update it in the future.

Is there a method to dynamically keep a list of conffiles for a package? Can this be done?

Who said anything about unattended installs? I'm talking about the poor
newbie doing her first install and having to wade through a bunch of
fine-tuning that she can't, as yet, have an opinion about.

Those users should use a debconf priority setting that keeps them away from the trivial stuff.

I like debconf. I don't like the amount of trivia some maintainers want
to force the user to deal with, rather than just picking a reasonable
default. It's a copout.

Fix the priority levels then.  Force developers to make the changes.

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